Gas Control

Gas Control Build 20 2.2

Control your fuel use, and save money!

Gas Control is software for personal finance where you can keep track of all your fuel expenses. You can handle more than 1 vehicle. Each vehicle will have its own statistics. This information can be beamed to other PDA to share this information with others. This way you can consolidate the information of many vehicles in one single PDA.

You can view this information directly in the PDA's screen or using the graphical option. If Accounts Manager is also installed on the PDA, you can create the proper expense from within Gas Control.

Key features of the program include:

  • Software for personal finance
  • Handles fuel expenses
  • Create as many vehicles as you consider
  • Register the gas stations you visit
  • From within the application create the Accounts Manager's Record for the expense

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Gas Control


Gas Control Build 20 2.2